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Writing Rules

TAY Journal is an international, a double-blind peer review journal which accepts research and review articles in Turkish and English.

Content of manuscript, scientificness, and other issues are the author(s) responsibility. Author(s) are deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions stated of Journal after submission.
1. Manuscripts which are submitted to TAY Journal, are taken for preliminary consideration in terms of the manuscript template. If Inappropriate manuscripts are returned to the author(s).

2. The manuscripts submitted to TAY Journal are reviewed by the editors secondarily. At this stage, the manuscripts which are not related to the journal's aim, scope, publishing policy and principles, wording, originality, scientific issues. Manuscripts which have lack of mentioned the publishing criteria are rejected. Manuscripts deemed acceptable, are directed to a field editor related to the subject of study that the work focuses on.

3. The field editor pre-evaluates the originality, the convenience of field, statistics. Also, the studies which are deemed appropriate are assigned to reviewers anonymously. Reviewers are assigned as the author(s) affiliated out, from TAY’s reviewer pool or members of the editorial board. At the end of reviewers’ reports, the manuscript has two rejections or one rejection, and major revision, author(s) is/are informed about not publishing the manuscript with the reasons. Apart from that, field editor examines reviewers’ reports, he/she may initiate the procedure extension in necessary cases.

5. The final decision, which is about the manuscript completed review process, successfully belongs to the Editorial Board.

6. Accepted manuscripts’ procedures as follows:
• Accepted manuscripts’ reviewers’ report and Editorial Board’s reports are sent to the corresponding author.
• Corresponding author revises the manuscript in reference to reports and conveys it to Editor.
• Editor check all correction and revisions, he/she initiates revision process, if he/she has revision notes, he/she sends them to corresponding authors.
• The manuscript was audited for plagiarism.
• Revision process completed manuscripts are sent to typesetting.
• Manuscripts which are completed typesetting, are sent to the corresponding author for the last check and corrections.
• Manuscripts which are completed revision process are published in “ Future Issue.”
• Manuscripts which are published in “Future issue Gelecek,” are put into the process of publication and are published in the corresponding issue.

7. Communication between authors and reviewers are exected by Editorial Board.

8. Copyright of manuscripts have author(s) approve Copyright Form While submission of the manuscript.

9. Editorial team board are asked for their opinion regarding determining journal publishing policy, updating and in need of assigning reviewers.

10. The submitted manuscript has not been previously published and has not been submitted to any publication.

11. Authors must prepare their manuscript according to APA6 (American Psychological Association) standards.

12. It is mandatory to do proofreading manuscripts and certify it before publication.

13. Manuscripts’ length should not exceed 8000 words (all appendix; this includes the cover page, references, and acknowledgments).

14. The manuscript should be sent with originality report retrieved from plagiarism program ( e.g., Ithenticate).

15. Each author’s 16 digits ORCID ID should be included in the manuscript.

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