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Price Policy

TAY Journal is an international refereed academic journal published online in the field of educational sciences. Author(s) submitting an article to TAY Journal are required to pay a fee, regardless of the acceptance/rejection condition. Fees received are used for the expenditure items listed below. At the end of the article evaluation (referee evaluation) process, the author(s) of the articles that are not deemed appropriate to be published (rejected) by the editorial board are not refunded. Author(s) whose article is not accepted for publication can send a second article to our journal without paying an additional service fee.

General Expenses/Expenditures Affecting the Article Publishing Cost of Our Journal
• Domain name fees
• Hosting (journal hosting fee - TAY Journal is also published on an independent site at www.tayjournal.com)
• Site design, update, development and technical support fee
• Secretarial and layout service fee
• DOI fee (Annual subscription fee and a separate fee for each article - TAY Journal does not receive the doi service from DergiPark)
• Registration fee to international directories (index)
• Various rent and billing fees etc.

Article Processing Charges (APCs): 3,750.00 TRY

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